S2E8: The Chase

Avatar: The Last Airbender 2×8

The Chase

Team Avatar is getting chased by a mysterious machine, they become sleep deprived when they try to get away from Azula and her two friends. Katara and Toph get into a heated argument, she calls the earth bender out on her unhelpful attitude. Aang realizes the reason why they are being followed by the crown princess and her friends is because of Appa’s shedding. Aang and his friends finally clean Appa up and he tries to create a fake decoy trail with the fur to trick Azula and her friends. Aang is finally cornered by the princess, she reveals that she is the younger sister of Zuko. Katara, Toph, Sokka, Iroh, and Zuko arrive to stop Azula, but she pretends to surrender to Aang and everyone else, she shoots lighting at Iroh as a distraction. Katara tries to help Iroh, but Zuko angrily rejects her offer. Team Avatar begins to part ways with Zuko and Iroh, the four friends finally gets some well-deserved sleep after being chased by Azula all day.

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